Kids & Youth


At Surge 19 Kids get ready for sun, sea and sand as we look at the theme of Stronger in our Surge Surf School for 5-11s, and Beach Party for 1-4s!

The 1-2s and 3-4s will learn that God is strong and can look after us! God is so powerful that He knocked down the walls of Jericho just as easily as if they were a sandcastle. Jesus is so strong He calmed a storm at sea and with God we can be strong too.

The children will enjoy age appropriate stories, teaching, crafts, sensory play, games, worship and prayer time, all with a fun beach party theme.


The 5-11s will enrol at Surge Surf School where they will learn that God is stronger than the biggest waves! He knocked down the walls of Jericho like a sandcastle; He raised Christ from the dead and that same power can live in us! Through the Gideon story, we will discover that even though we are powerless, like a surfer without the waves, with God we can do amazing things! Finally, we will see that to face the waves a surfer needs the right kit. We have tools to make us strong too – prayer, faith and the Word of God! We will look at the Armour of God and by the end of the weekend be ready to graduate from Surf School!

Dynamic teaching, fun sessions, beach games, beach crafts, surfing music, The Gospel, Holy Spirit moments, creative prayer, small groups, and Saturday Movie Night: Surf’s Up will make this a weekend to remember!

We want to include all children at Surge 19. If your child has Additional Support Needs please let us know as soon as possible, so we can plan the best way to support your family at the conference. 



Do you have Goliaths (challenges) in your life that you want to overcome? Do you wish you were stronger and able to be yourself and not be conformed to the norms of today’s society? 

Why not join us and learn how to be STRONGER and become the powerful overcomer which God has created you to be.

Come have fun with other youth, developing your spiritual muscles in ‘God’s Gym’ having an awesome, amazing and enjoyable experience that will transform your life forever.


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